My career to date has included time as a web producer making video and building interactive article formats; a digital editor and a content manager, with responsibility for audience and content development; and a product manager, dreaming up and building products and features for news websites, classified listing sites, subscription and e-commerce offerings.

I want to be someone people are excited to work with. I like learning, helping, trying new things and new ways of doing old things.

Content and audience development

Interactive content created for multiple platforms and devices – on desktop, mobile and in apps. Engagement increased, driving social sharing and referral traffic.

Campaign’s Week In Numbers interactive iPad quiz
‘Which famous marketer are you?’ interactive personality test

Digital products and user experience

Wireframing. Prototyping. Prioritising. Roadmapping. A/B testing. Presenting and training. The works.

Author dashboard wireframe (not real data)
Presenting UX wireframes

New ways of working

Sticky notes with stick person in centre and characteristics listed around it
Generating personas for product and content development

Using and adapting agile and scrum methodologies.

Helping to craft personas, define minimum viable products and evaluate new ways to better meet goals.

Trello board showing site development workflow
Applying agile working where it fits